First Montreal International Conference On Clinical Reasoning

24/10/2012 - 00:00 - 25/10/2012 - 00:00
U. de Montréal

The University of Montréal and McGill University, in collaboration with the Collège des Médecins du Québec, would like to invite you to participate in the 1st Montreal International Conference on Clinical Reasoning, which will be held on the Laval Campus of the University of Montréal on October 24 and 25, 2012.


This conference is open to all healthcare professionals and researchers who have an interest in clinical reasoning. The goal of the conference is to provide an international forum for educators and educational researchers to present and exchange their ideas and research findings in the field of clinical reasoning.

Toward this aim, 4 main themes will be addressed throughout the conference :

Theory and research on clinical reasoning
Teaching clinical reasoning
Evaluation of clinical reasoning
Identifying difficulties in clinical reasoning and strategies for remediation

Discuss recent scholarly advances in clinical reasoning
Discuss new methods for teaching clinical reasoning
Discuss new techniques for evaluating clinical reasoning
Discuss new strategies for identifying and remediating learners with difficulties in clinical reasoning
Target audience

Researchers in clinical reasoning
Clinician-educators from all health professions
Program directors
Mode of Communication : Bilingual (English/French)

The plenary speakers will deliver their presentations in English. The accompanying Powerpoint slides will be projected in both English and French. Workshops will be conducted separately in English and French.

During all conference activities, participants and invited speakers should feel free to express themselves in the language of their choice at all times. Whenever possible, exchanges will be translated by a facilator into both languages.

We look forward to this special opportunity to host you at the Laval Campus in Montreal during this first international conference in clinical reasoning.

André Jacques, President, Clinical Reasoning Symposium 2012